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The Internet not only makes our work easier, but it also provides us with great opportunity for entertainment. And one of the best internet services, now actively developing is on-line TV. People who live in big cities were first who managed to appreciate its benefits due to high-quality and high-speed internet connection. Today, everybody can download online TV software free to his computer and watch news programs, sport broadcasts, movies and popular shows almost from any corner of the world.

In fact, Internet TV has radically changed our views to TV as a whole. What advantages does it have in comparison with usual TV?

First of all, you can watch TV online free, as compared with wired one it requires no monthly or annual fee. Secondly, you don't have to buy additional hardware (for example, a satellite dish), all you need is to download online TV player.

Thirdly, you get access to channels which are not available with cable TV: great variety of foreign channels, internet channels, thematic channels (such as channels for children, educational, etc.). It is also possible for you to save favourite TV program in your computer and then watch it even being off-line.

Moreover, bad weather conditions and impropriate location have no effect on signal quality, all you need is good internet connection available.

Don't you know how to watch TV online? Or you are already a fan of wireless TV and want to make it more delightful? Download our programs and have good chance to watch TV online for free and socialize with your friends just by one click of your mouse! Today we offer you Televisionfanatic, TV shows toolbar and iFree TV - easy-to-use and absolutely free programs which require no registration.


On-line TV is one of the best advantages we have due to Internet connection. Make it more convenient right now! Download television fanatic and get one-click access to all favourite TV programs and videos from all over the world. Television fanatic is an easy to use toolbar which will be built in your browser and give you a great chance to be nearer the entertainments wherever you may be.

Televisionfanatic is an absolutely free program with simplest interface and widest functionality. Watch TV online free with Hulu™, catch up missed episodes with Zap2it®, be up-to-date with latest news of People™ and Entertainment Weekly®, enjoy funniest and striking web-videos with YouTube® - and do all these things only with a single click of your mouse.

TV shows toolbar

Want to have the best entertainments right on your desktop? There is nothing to it! Download TV shows toolbar and you will get to watch television online for free and communicate with your Facebook friends without visiting the site. Amazing TV shows, fresh movies, latest news, hot videos and other pretty things - just one click away from you.

TV toolbar is completely free program with nice interface which will give a quick access to entertainments and notify you about new messages and other events in Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo.

iFree TV

What is going on in the world? It's iFreeTV that knows the answer. Download iFree TV now and enjoy hundreds of HD quality channels of different countries, save interesting shows and videos on your computer for free. This program does not require any special hardware, have no limited access or fee. Download online TV on your device and be up-to-date in any place on earth where it's impossible to use usual TV-set.

Say NO to cable television which needs regular money investments and may upset with poor signal. Move to the new TV format with iFree TV right now!
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